via beauty cream up my routine quite often it's cuz I already know what potentially will work for me and what potentially will not work for me I actually have like a whole collection of different retinoids and I'm going to start introducing into my routine and this is kind of strong though so I don't need a lot I actually just bought a sample size because I know I'm not gonna stay I'm not gonna use it for too long it's 1% retinol it's by drunk elephant it's they're a pests uni retinol cream and what I want to show you guys this is the this is the important part 1% is kind of strong and it's actually that's more that I'm probably going to end up using so I want to show you guys this when someone says use a pea size of your retinoid truly when you're just starting off I'm only going to use this once a week for the next couple of weeks because I'm just getting back into the retinoid game it's been over a year because I was pregnant I felt like I was like forever pregnant and I'm just gonna you know spray it together I'm just gonna tap it into my skin and I'm

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