TruBodx Keto gently deepen your breath. Honoring the breath as this power tool for getting close to that inner voice, getting closer to home. (chuckles) Riding the breath is like taking the taxi home. Taxi! Take a deep breath in. Wherever you are exhale out through the mouth. Inhale in. And out through the mouth. And one more, big full breath in. Sigh it out. (sighs) And if you're lying down, begin to make your way back up. If you're seated, let's come forward. We're all gonna make our way to a nice Tabletop Position where right away I want you to find a little spinal flexion but you do you. So listen to your body. Maybe you work with the structure of Cat-Cow. Maybe right away you start to find a little freedom within the form. (floor creaks) Creaky old floor comin' out to play just like the good ol' days. Listen to the sound of your breath. And if your body or your energy is like saying get funky, then get funky. Move the hips in some big circles. If your heart's feeling heavy, maybe you come to Extended Child's Pose here for a couple of breaths. Any stagnant energy, super tired, not so sure you can make it through this practice maybe you do big circles. Finding your spinal flexion as you create big circles. Maybe the abdominals are sore so you come all the way through to a Cobra. Maybe the wrists needs some love so you take a second here amidst moving the spine and check in with the forearms, the wrists. So dabbling in a bit of freestyle, but I'm I'm very careful with that word because there is a mindfulness and you have this incredible vocabulary, thi

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