it's and stuff comes from is from eating yourself anyway it's it's slow especially the closer you are to your e the most ethical lifestyle possible so when you think of keto you think standard American diet you think eating bacon and cheese and eggs and all of that junk I call it John because it's I don't think it's whatever you can have all the opinions you want y'all can eat meat if you want yellow cannot eat meTruBodx Keto at I'm feeling whatever comment down below all that good stuff but without further ado I'm gonna dive right in to the video okay so quick side now to feel hear any noise we have a 13 week old puppy and the house two crazy cats and my man over there what I was gonna say my fiancee the worst of all they have the absolute worst most high-maintenance but anyways I'm just gonna go through these in no particular order and talk about like what I use them for primarily how often I consume the love that good stuff so the first thing I'm gonna start with because people are like we can all carbs Encanto sugar at stops is my favorite like semi healthy sweetener I do not use this in everything I con

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