when literally their nutrition is not dialed in or anything it's probably long-term worse off because now you're gonna build up a tolerance the stimulants when you should be utilizing those stimulus try if you're gonna utilize stimulants that should be based around a workout or fitness regime or a class something because we're someone who's in urine I shoes we need all the help we can get and so I don't want to be just shooting bullets in the air that I could be hitting a target with yeah I think that like you touched on it my main issue with fat burners is the name because there are like you said there are things that that are in it that make you maybe want to move a little bit more which might help you burn a little bit more calories through like you said meet your nan energy activity thermogenesis so there there are I'd say a little bit of uses for it but I think that the vast majority like you said the vast majority of people that are buying them don't actually need them and so for me it's just easier to say don't buy them right like instead of



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