kid I pull out milk and oatmeal and I was like eating the end of the oatmeal that haole would enjoy I don't think it's a little - it's sweet too sweet for like milk and cookies when I'm having milk and cookies man you want something mild I want I want like mouthing cream I always go my unsweetened cashew milk I don't want I don't want any extra sweet how to stop overeating ness I like it though so yeah I am worried about the sugar all right don't tell me and then don't look and you're taking a drink all right now now we know just don't say anything don't look in the cup anymore all right no I'm not looking this Bob all right bud you got it hold not block the light that's what I'm dish Oh God block the light then you can't see if you're a okay let's compare it to this one cheers Cheers totes our future overlords this one's not as sweet the old flavor is much stronger than the one and it's also much sweeter well this one isn't interesting thing I say the oat

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