fortification so I'm assuming that they have not added in anything extra and we have the L pro and which is good good price is 150 and the only it's it's again it's fortified it's it's in the long-life section so is shelf stable for a long time which is great for storage it tastes nice it feels nice it's I think it's one 160 and so a couple of pence more expensive than the Oatley original and yeah I was really tasty really really nice and I think this is going to be my go-to now so from now on I'm going to be drinking this so these are the milk so I managed to find in my local supermarkets is there any that you found in yours which I don't have what's your favorite Top-5-best-weight-loss-pills  oat milk what's your favorite milk alternative if you liked this vid click on the around thumbs up and subscribe and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for some behind the scenes and a little glimpse into what I do and when I'm going to be doing it okay oh thank you very much for watching and take care

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