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Definition of Mechanical Engineering

The accumulation of different subjects which are required to study the different processes of designing and manufacturing are studied in Mechanical Engineering.  So starting from a very tiny part like inkjet printer nozzles to large machines like airplanes and spacecraft, everything around us is designed and manufactured with the help of knowledge of Mechanical Engineering.

Although the subject entails with design and manufacture of different products, however, the role of a mechanical engineer does not end by just designing a product.  The mechanical engineer has to play a pivotal role till the product reaches the customers and after which, the workability of the product is understood by the customer.  Hence, Mechanical Engineering includes a broad range of skills.  Hence to become very competent in the subject one has to know the ins and outs of a product including its workability.

After the manufacturing of the items, the goods need to be designed properly. The physical representation of the products cannot be ignored as the customers get attracted to the products by the way of the appearance of the product.  A mechanical engineer is an expert who knows how to manufacture a product and he knows to set up the machinery that will help him to manufacture the end product.  For optimum output, he ensures smooth operation of the system. They are aware of how to analyze the design of different objects and systems.

The Branches of Mechanical Engineering:

Here are some branches of Mechanical Engineering that are detailed below:

1. The study of forces and flow within the fluids is known as Fluid Mechanics.

2. Power and energy are needed by every mechanical and electrical process to operate. The three modes of power generation are hydro, nuclear and thermal. The branch that deals with thermodynamics is also a very significant part of Mechanical Engineering.

3. The operation and maintenance of different types of equipment in the ships and submarines is another part of Mechanical Engineering which is called Marine Engineering.

4. The subdivision that deals with vehicles and how they play on road and the railway networking is known as automotive engineering.

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