via beauty cream family a doctor to sign me up I also want to add if you have already changed up your skincare routine tried medical skincare products gone to an aesthetician gone to a dermatologist and use topical creams like you don't have to exercise every option before you get to accutane I know a lot of people will say like it's a last resort it's really not you know it could be Plan B or C does not have to tweak plan f g h i j k or z it really doesn't you'll have to wait that long how did you choose a doctor so I would have preferred to do it through my family doctor to be quite honest and I would recommend that to anybody unfortunately my family doctor was she went home badly as I was starting so I actually had to get referred to another doctor in the city one other thing that I would tell somebody to do when selecting their doctor make sure you look at their office hours and not just the hours of the actual clinic but the individual doctors hours because that can be that can vary from the actual office hours and also see if

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