slimphoria keto I a trip and I'll do like a fatass for a couple of days and then I'll jump into a fast and I love how it just gives me that sort of energy reboot and that mental clarity that I need and I start to feel human again so for me personally I really love the energy when I was diabetic and obese I sure love my lab test results and my weight loss but for something that was really important for me back then was the mental clarity and if you read my report card stare at school Meaghan is the most attentive student Meaghan is always participates in class so on and so forth all throughout school and then I got into University and I started to feel like I was handicapped or mentally impaired and I couldn't focus I was the doodle queen my notebooks professors used to get mad at me because I'd sit in the front and I was clearly not paying attention but the nights were really high on my tests like I once got over a hundred percent on an exam

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