Customized Material
Material: Long fiber + melt injection
Effect: High-efficiency filtration of air PM2.5 particles, pollen, bacteria, etc., for 0.3 um particle removal efficiency reaches 99.97%, resistance can be as low as 33Pa, good material for oil resistance, long service time.
HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter ,HEPA filter can remove the smoke ,dust, pet and PM 2.5 particles ,True HEPA filter has efficiency high than 99.999%.
HEPA filter media include fiberglass ,PP meltblown and nanofiber ,they have the good performance with high efficiency and dust loading capacity .
We design and manufacture the HEPA filter with different dimension ,different shape .
We have inspection rooms built in accordance with Chinese national standards, which can detect CADR, CCM, resistance and efficiency of finished products. It can also test the resistance and efficiency of HEPA raw materials.
0.3um Dust Contaminants Collector Air Filter
TypeVelocityReistanceEfficiencyWeightThicknesscapacitytesting environment
pa 0.3渭g/銕?/strong>mm
PP Material5.33cm/s25-8060-98%90-1100.4-0.7卤0.051-10g/銕?/p>
PP + PET Compound5-6060-99.97%100-1200.5-0.8卤0.055-14g/銕?/p>
Import Compound10-3095%-99.9%100卤30.7卤0.055-16g/銕?/p>
3M Material Toray Material10-3597-99.97%70-1160.6-0.8卤0.058-19g/銕?/p>
Fiberglass Material65-25590-99.999%100卤30.3卤0.0540-50g/銕?/p>
High Dust Hold Composite Materials10-3570-99.9%180-2800.8--2.015-30g/銕?/p>
More Material Development, Testing, Update......
Notes锛歐e accept non-standard specification orders.HEPA Filter