Don't misunderstand me. There are times I will go from one consultation room to another, across the short hallway to the refrigerator to select a vaccine or stretch out a hand to rummage through the wall Maxi Keto cabinets for a needle, syringe or gloves."Is that all the peaches you bought?" I had asked Amy, when I saw her eating a big peach. ''Yes, Dad, sorry,'' she said.Next day at lunch time, instead of purchasing two packs of almonds at the corner store, I went to the 'Stop and Shop' food store and selected two ripe but firm peaches and a bunch of four ripe, firm bananas.Back in my car I searched under the seats and found a half-full bottle of water with which I washed the peaches. I set one peach on a clean napkin on the front passenger seat and held the other one, reexamining it dents and soft spots, which I dislike in fruits.

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