apologize because it is only to make sure that again receive your package is that a way to get it overnight shipping I need it like tomorrow there's no way to get it tomorrow it's going to receive a minimum of the house the house so are you looking at that road in to address the sorry what partying are you talking about the address to the potato farmer to the house shipping address well that's the address that I received things at mostly at the potato farm they're the same address your home address wan TOP 5 MALE ENHANCEMENT PILLS na show how it was that one adverse event magic what was that one address you said just now yeah it's one one 506 oh that's to the there's a big thing on the side of the road out there there's like a box with a number on it I think that's the one for the mail for US Postal Service is that how you're sending it well as I am asking you sir sure meeting actress well the address that I use is 47 97 Katherine Road but you say you I have another one oh I didn't say that understand just asking is that your easier is that pageant if your old address no I've lived here for 20-something years but see each building has a different number on it here


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