floor your hands in your lap or you can also lie down if you're willing I'd love for you close your eyes I want you to picture yourself at a peaceful place perhaps you're lying on a beach walking in the mountains or floating in the cloud and I want you to hold this scene in your mind I want you to place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly and take a deep breath and inhale and then an exhale and we're just  how to stop overeating going to do this a few times another inhale and another exhale and on that inhale i want that belly to fill up and you can breathe out through your mouth on the exhale inhale if your belly's rising higher than your chest your deep breathing and that's how we want you to deep green you can practice this relaxation technique for 30 seconds for a minute for five to ten minutes we can do it at your desk you can do it while you're in traffic although don't close your eyes when you're in traffic so the idea is that we want to help you relax hopefully this gave you this little good practice and

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