trubodx keto it's stuff that's like super super bad other than like all the chocolate peanut butter cups and stuff but it's just like like I just want to keep eating and I'm not even hungry and so I think it's just because we got off of our patterns yeah we you know we we we went on the trip to Europe and I went on another trip with my mom and we just kind of gotten off of our usual thing and um you know we definitely like I month I'll start February 1st doing good again and that's how you get off you know that's that's how I gained so much weight back the last time because I kept pushing off the deadline of when I would get back on and so yeah I know that a lot of you know there's a lot of people out there who probably struggle with similar things who've had setbacks who've had other issues come up and I hope this helps you in some way yeah yeah whatever it is that we're doing we're doing it together yeah uh I don't really I don't really think it's necessary to do the typical spiel you know to close out this video yeah but if you do want to go read my blog post that I wrote I kind of rehash some of the same stuff in the video but I wrote it like

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